We customise your DJ headphones by changing the external geometry, by applying vivid anti-scratch paint in a full range of colors or by assembling the available accessories at our store. Well, or by mixing all those options together.



Before we manufacture your parts you might like to look into further customization options. You can find the options available at the configuration options of each headphone or part you choose. There are aesthetic personalizations available, yes… but we go beyond that and allow you to make functional mods that can improve the versatility or value that your headphones provide.


We offer professional paintwork for your HD25 with a big range of colors to match your desired result. The parts are always coated with anti-scratch & UV-resistant coat with several finish options.


Thanks to our innovative material and exclusive design (3 times thicker) our parts offer greater sound isolation. Up to 5dB less of outer noise than with stock parts. This makes a big difference in the DJ’s booth or when you want to enjoy your music in a noisy environment. In an A/B test it just feels louder.

You must share our love for the Sennheiser HD25 if you ended up here. These headphones had been industry standard since the ’80s. What a rock-solid product! With a strong modular build, long-lasting components, extremely easy assembly. They are made to last…

We believe our gear is part of our identity and often becomes an extension of ourselves. This is especially true for the HD25, as it is such an intimate companion for many DJs. Just as music inspires us all, we wanted to provoke connection and excitement with our work.

Some of our intentions are to allow full personalisation, make mods easy, help DJs to create their identity, easily change shape & colour, or make brands and sponsors more visible. These beautiful designs take the already awesome HD25 to the next level.

We are sure you will absolutely love them. Help us spread the word!

Loconoise Team


We did work closely with our paint supplier to find the right balance in elasticity, resistance & vivid colors. There is no trade-off on painting your headband. Include your name, your logo, or any pattern or design you like.


Our parts are made with the highest quality 3D printers available today. They are printed with the highest resolution possible and are resistant as a tank. This gives us total freedom in terms of design, geometry and new ideas to come. Fell free to ask us what you would like to create, we are here to help you along the process.


The majority we do are full headphones, but many of you already have a pair of Sennheiser HD25 and do not feel like getting a new pair. For that reason, we offer at our workshop all the tools you need + a full DIY guide to help you along the process. But we know one of the most important resources today is time. Even if many will be happy with our tutorial for others it could be a hassle. If that is you, we can take care of the assembly process; just choose the parts you want + the “pick-up & mod” option at our workshop. We do the rest.


Pads are an important element of your headphones. Changing them is the most effective way to modify stock sound signature. To make your selection ridiculously easy, we created a detailed comparison chart with stock HD25 pads as a reference point. We hope you find the right pads to adapt the sound of your headphones to your special needs.

Earpads sennheiser hd25 customised
Assembly Sennheiser hd25 Loconoise Quartz custom parts mod


Presents are really personal. Perhaps, you might want to choose and specify exactly how you want the present for your DJ friend. In that case we invite you to check our website, our options & choose accordingly. Or, perhaps, you prefer that your DJ friend choose by themselves how they want their next headphones to be. In that case, you can give them a Loconoise Gift Card, for them to spend in our store. That might take less headache for you and more excitement for them.

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