I had been always passionate about music. First I enjoyed Progressive Rock, Psychodelic Rock, Jazz, Instrumental music, some good voices of soul or even classic music. But after living some years in Berlin, electronic music really got me, it got a honours special place on my tastes. There are so many good artists that create so much good content. It gave me so much and so many good moments that I wanted to give something back to the community. Honestly, my Soundcloud is on fire.

Is crazy how everything can become so intense after you purchase a pair of headphones. One day you find a product that you really like. Like the Sennheiser HD25, and some time later you are rethinking and getting crazy about the whole thing. I honestly appreciate the build quality , the modular build, the high quality components and the extremely easy assembly. The fact that all parts are replaceable really connects with what I think is good design. Those headphones had been industry standard since the ’80s, this is crazy! Is not a product that was discontinued, and some hipsterish idea made to come to life again… no… this product had been always there. They are design for efficiency and built to last.

And I believe we all have thought about taking a project forward. Even if sounded a bit crazy or difficult to pursue. This is just one of them that got it through the glitter. This had been an intense and rewarding process that got me many professional skills. Even if this project is far from developing a full headphone, this does not mean there is absence of difficulty. The project started as a design exercise, but ended up being a full learning process in areas as 3D Printing, Sound Engineering Analysis (especially for headphones), Brand Development, Brand Communication & Marketing, Business Development, Web Development, E-commerce & Legal documentation, Logistics… and many more… but probably the most valuable leanings had been personal skills like smashing fears with perseverance, resilience and building the trust you need in yourself.

It took me around 1 year and I honestly advice you to pursue similar journeys if you are filled with passion, perseverance and you are willing to learn and accept the difficulty of entrepreneurship. I funded this project with savings of my previous work. If you want to know more about who is behind this project find my full profile here.


But there have never been a good project without great people behind.
Adrian – Sound Engineer at Energy Sistem (thanks for helping me learning about Sound Engineering in headphones and making clear how I should use my headphone rig)

Thanks to Sennheiser for creating such a great product.

Thanks to Sottovoceaudio (Hi-Fi Loudspeakers & hifideluxe at munich 2019) for giving a hearing with their Hi-Fi sensibility
Luis & Slava – Music Producer (thanks for test sessions and pointing out some important points during development)
Thanks to the Hi-Fi community for helping me to get sound criteria. I had been eating a lot of Innerfidelity, RTings, What Hi-Fi, AudioCheck
Thanks to DiscosParadiso for letting me a hand in case I need to promote the project in Barcelona
Guillem, Joan, Maceda…. Thanks for helping me making my local network larger when I was in need
Andreas – Thanks for being such a great business musa
Kaylee – Thanks for helping with my awesome English
Laura – Thanks for teaching me to trust on myself on top of anyone else judgement.
I have to add more
Thanks to The Power MBA (2019) – for waking me up in many unclear business concepts 😉 you guys rock it…

Thanks to my prototyping provider – you guys rock it each day, and I thank you a lot for your patience and deliver prototypes in shorter deadlines than you would like.

I have to thank important previous experience I had in my past:

  • I did help a team in hax.co 2013 ( sadly the guys didn’t made it on kickstarter )
  • I co-founded a project called Soundbrenner, we met in a Startupweekends and only 3 months later, on which we made this amazing german equity FREE accelerator called Hardware.co, we got founded by Brinc.io in Hong Kong. On that moment was my time for moving out of the project for personal reasons. I am happy they had been doing great!
  • I helped Trackitcs team on early brand development and making their device a reality.

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