Sennheiser HD25 Saphire RAW Parts


NOTE! This purchase does NOT include a headphone

Production time within 5 days ! (+5 days with further customization

The purchase includes:

  • The 3D parts visible on the preview (depends on what you choose)

* The Concrete/grey finish is the natural finish of the 3D parts, the black parts are dyed.

These are the locations of each part on your Sennheiser HD25.

These are the parts included on each selection.

Información adicional

Peso0,5 kg
Dimensiones20 × 15 × 10 cm

Sennheiser HD25, Sennheiser HD25 Light

RAW finish

Negro RAW, Concreto RAW, Hebilla Negro RAW, Hebilla Concreto RAW


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