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Press the button at the bottom of the payment checkout to access the Credit Card payment method. You don’t need to be a Paypal user, you only need a valid Credit Card. From there follow the steps as usual.

IMPORTANT: The credit card information you provide is encrypted on your own computer, never clear on the Internet. Payment is made directly on the Paypal server, which is secure and external to the site Loconoise. No credit card number is stored at the trader.


PayPal encrypts and secures your financial data without communicating to the payee. If you have a PayPal account, an email and password are enough to make your payments. For more information check Paypal website.


Bank transfer can potentially increase the processing time of your order, it will leave our premises once the full amount credited to our company account. The time required for the passage of the order may differ depending on the banks, and we invite you once again to bring you closer to your bank for more information about it. If you decide to use this payment method please contact us at


We trust Let’s Encrypt as our certificate authority (CA). It is a service provided by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). You can find more detailed information about how the Let’s Encrypt CA works or find the Let’s Encrypt FAQ for more generic questions.

payments & shipping security

Payments are made safely and securely using Paypal Checkout. Use your Credit Card or Paypal account.

All our parcels are shipped with full insurance using Packlink Pro. Shipping prices may differ depending on destination & products selected.

For more information concerning shipping & payment methods please check our Legal Pages.


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payments & shipping

Secure Payments using Paypal Checkout. You can pay with Credit Card or Paypal account. We offer UPS international shipping.

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