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Add your name logo, brand to your headphones and make them stand out!* We include your name before we 3D print the parts so you can fully personalise and easily recognise your headphones. We provide a 3d visualization before we manufacture the parts. Please read the instructions on the description section below.

*Asymmetrical mods cost more.



Be aware we need some time to modify the 3D files. This process can take between 2-5 days, and the production takes between 12-20 days. It's always cheaper to include the logotype on both sides (asymmetrical mods cost more)

  1. We automatically send you an e-mail asking for the following information:
    1. name to include in vector file: .eps, .ai, .pdf
    2. specify the position and size you want the logo into the notch/can
  2. We send you a preview
  3. You accept the preview (you can ask for up to two changes on the preview at no extra cost)
  4. Once you accept the preview we start manufacturing your 3D parts.


Please, to accelerate the process do as follow:

  1. Prepare all the information we need beforehand.
  2. Understand the spacial restrictions of some of the designs, be aware 3D printing is not a friend of small details.
  3. In any case, our experienced Design team will do their best to assist you.

Additional information

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