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According to the variety of products we offer and the different origin places, preparation time and availability may differ. Below is a description of what to expect with each product type.


For 3D printed products manufacturing takes between 8 and 15 days. In these cases, the delivery time begins once the product has been produced.

If you choose product customization (name, logo…) the manufacturing period can delay up to 15-25 business days.


The headphones assembly service deadline may vary between 2 and 5 business days. Depending on workload. We should keep in mind that its different components production and shipping times must be added to this service.


In this section, all products are only available on demand. Manufacturing periods may vary between 2 and 7 business days.


The shipment is made on the following 5 to 30 days. Shipment period is established considering that, in some cases, products might be detained by customs, which is largely beyond our management control. Nonetheless, we try to have in stock those products that do not need Custom Fabrication.


Shipments generally last 24-48 hours. For shipments outside the EU, planned deadlines can double. Some items have “FREE SHIPPING” option available. In this case, delivery deadline may be delayed up to 60 days, but most of the packages arrive within 20 days.


Shipping fees depend on the origin and destination countries and the package size. Some products have different source points, in that case they may be shipped in different packages. Moreover, shipping costs may differ among 3D printed parts (generally cheaper), Loco Clothing or other products. Please check shipping charges in your shopping cart before payment.

If several products are dispatched from the same point of departure, they are automatically grouped, being reflected in the shipment costs. In general, we have 4 different retail outlets:

  1. 3D Print Warehouse (most of 3D printed products ship together)
  2. Loco Clothing Warehouse (most of Loco Clothing products ship together)
  3. Workshop Warehouse (tools, mods and other items ship together)
  4. Whole Warehouse with Free Shipping (Deliveries might be made separately or in groups, depending on their availability). Items shipped from here are always free of charge.

If the payment method is incorrect the shipment will be paralyzed until payment is received.


Loconoise endeavours to select a reputable goods carrier an the most adequate delivery procedures. Loconoise declines all responsibility for any problem during transportation (loss, damage or delay). In the case of Workshop Service, we offer a 9 € all-risks insurance for each shipment. If you should wish to take out this insurance coverage, please make the correct choice in Service options.


Orders to be delivered in countries inside the European Union receive duty-free treatment. Orders to be delivered in countries inside the United States of America receive duty-free treatment, only for purchases less than $800. Custom duties are not included in shipping costs and shall be determined on the basis of its tariff class. This classification will be based on the HS Code set out in the shipping document. For more information on Custom duties, please contact your local customs office.

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Payments are made safely and securely using Paypal Checkout. Use your Credit Card or Paypal account.

All our parcels are shipped with full insurance using Packlink Pro. Shipping prices may differ depending on destination & products selected.

For more information concerning shipping & payment methods please check our Legal Pages.


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Secure Payments using Paypal Checkout. You can pay with Credit Card or Paypal account. We offer UPS international shipping.

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